domingo, 25 de diciembre de 2011

Crossed Feelings

Recently I've experienced some feelings for her. I don't know why is it. Maybe is my need for affection that I've developed. The thing that is most hurtful is that almost anybody within my group of friends seems to understand me, not even a little bit and I don't have the least idea of how to explain. The girl with eyes like honey is putting away her feelings for me, I'm not sure what I should think of this as during the year I liked her as I've never liked anyone. However the other keeps apearing in my dreams over and over again and is driving my crazy just cause she's kind of forbidden to me and I know it's wrong. Problems seem to acumulate on my back and nothing moves them. These crossed feelings are going to take me down. The fear of losing her for a long time is already freaking me out and I'm not able to handle it.

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